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Greg Slocum started in the construction industry working for Stringer Construction as an estimator in July of 1981 and worked his way up to a Project Manager.  In 1988 he started his own business that was named GT Construction and Development.  In 2007 GT Construction and Development was incorporated with the new name GTS Construction, Inc.  During the course of 19 years owning and running this company, the business has never had a claim against either company.  It has also never had a call back for failed work.  GTS Construction has worked with several companies on a consistent basis for the entire time of its existence.

[heading subtitle=”” size=”5″ heading_class=”content_heading” heading_style=”style-1″]CONSTRUCTION SERVICES[/heading]

For GTS Construction “no job is too small.” From a custom estate to a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Every project, every detail gets our total attention.

  • Dream It!
  • Commit To It
  • Take Action
  • Call GTS Construction

Then look forward to your future.

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Most cars come with a schedule of maintenance to keep it running its best.

Why not offer the same type of maintenance for what is probably our most valuable possession?

Check out the details of our home maintenance and service call programs here!

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